Brand Rx  

The Eventual Millionaire Brand Guide

FEED, the expert in physician and dental brand marketing, is FINALLY writing the book on how you can build your practice into an eventual millionaire mindset and brand. 

Written for physicians, dentists, and practice marketing managers, this book will explain how FEED helped hundreds of medical and dental practices build their brands...and how you can too!  

You’ll Learn:

Why branding is counterintuitive for most physicians and dentists and how "best-practices" can actually be hurting your practice.

The proven brand + marketing roadmap that can be used to grow your practice profitability, position your brand uniquely in the mindset of your patients and marketplace, while avoiding the tempting and traditional money pit of marketing. 

How to automatically turn prospects into patients and drive new and repeat business without any time and effort required from your team.

Why physician and dentist brands are governed by business principles that haven't changed in 50 years ... and aren't going to change anytime soon.

Availble Soon!

"At the forefront of new media brand marketing.”

Steve Cohen, MD

Medical Director, FACES +

“FEED is our fearless brand marketing "quarterback."

Jeffrey Hartog, MD

Medical Director of the Bougainvillea Clinique

"The brand roadmap to manage your online reputation and grow your practice."

John Abrahams, MD 

President, Brain & Spine Surgeons of New York

"FEED is the linch-pin between medical device companies and a physician's practice.”

Brad Conlan, 

CEO, Puregraft

Matthew Scott

Principal + Managing Director

Donna Baker Williams

Principal + Creative Director

About the Authors

Together, Matthew and Donna have helped more than 1,000 physicians, dentists, and companies brand themselves so they can become eventual millionaire brands. They have received more than 200 awards for brand advertising excellence.

Through strategic planning and relentless execution, they’ve turned their art into the premiere physician and dental brand agency with office locations in Fayetteville, Arkansas, San Diego, California, and Las Vegas, Nevada.. 

Matthew and Donna are authors, but what matters most to you is that they are veteran healthcare and dental brand strategy and award-winning advertisors who understand how to shape the stories providers want to tell into the brands that patients want to know, like, trust, and refer.